Job Order Contracting

JOC Training & Certificate Program: Required for CJP (6 PDUs) (AMP10)

Job Order Contracting Training/Certificate Course is the national training course for JOC and a prerequisite for the Certified Job Order Contracting Professional (CJP) credentialing program. The program CEU's are delivered via a partnership with University of Texas at Austin, Cockrell School of Engineering's Texas Engineering Executive Education. UT's TxEEE is the university education partner for the JOC Education and Certification program.

The CJP serves as the industry standard for JOC education. This training program is composed of 6 modules with 30 videos, quizzes for each module, module surveys and a comprehensive program survey. Over 20 experts and presenters contributed to this educational content. The CJP exam is required for those seeking their CJP designation. Please reference the CJP Guidebook regarding certification requirements, application, and testing instructions. This course provides 6 PDUs for CJP and CJP Assoc renewal.

For those not seeking their CJP but want to learn JOC, this course can be taken to increase professional knowledge. This course will help owners understand how to structure a JOC program and will help contractors learn what it takes to be a job order contractor.

How to Use This Course
This online Self-Paced Course is designed to guide student learning much in the same way the in-person training would occur. The course is comprised of video sessions of the in-person class and not set-up as an elearner format. It is organized to allow the student to experience the same format online as in person with the exception of the dialogue and discussion sessions. The course Modules include multiple Learning Session within each Module. Each session and quiz must be completed prior to advancing to the next session. Each Session focuses on a major concept in the course. A survey must be completed in order to complete the program. Please direct questions regarding course content to

Thank you and best in success!
  • CJP
  • Welcome & Program Instructions
  • CJP Training Program Video
  • Job Order Contracting Certification Program
  • CJP Guidebook & Application
  • Module 1: Introduction & Overview
  • M1: Introduction to Job Order Contracting
  • Module 1 Introduction
  • M1 Lesson 1: Introduction to Job Order Contracting
  • M1 Lesson 2: How To Be Successful, An Owner's Perspective
  • M1 Lesson 3: Why Job Order Contracting, A Contractor's Perspective
  • M1 Lesson 4: What To Look For In A JOC
  • M1 Lesson 5: What Makes A JOC Successful, A Contractor's Perspective
  • M1: Introduction to Job Order Contracting Review
  • Module 1 Quiz
  • Module 1 Evaluation Survey
  • M2: Legal Considerations & Contracts
  • M2 Lesson 1: Legal Considerations & Contracts - Contractor's Perspective
  • M2 Lesson 2: Legal Considerations & Contracts - Specific JOC Clauses
  • M2 Lesson 3: Legal Considerations & Contracts - Owner's Perspective
  • M2 Lesson 4: Legal Considerations & Contracts -Special Conditions
  • M2 Lesson 5: Legal Considerations - The Contract
  • M2: Legal Considerations & Contracts Review
  • Module 2 Quiz
  • Module 2 Evaluation Survey
  • M3: Procurement & Selection Processes
  • M3 Lesson 1A: Procurement & Selection Processes - Federal
  • M3 Lesson 1B: Procurement & Selection Processes - Federal
  • M3 Lesson 2: Procurement & Selection Processes - State & Municipal
  • M3 Lesson 3: Procurement & Selection Processes - Joint Purchase
  • M3 Lesson 4: Procurement Processes - Cooperative Purchasing
  • M3: Procurement & Selection Processes Review
  • Module 3 Quiz
  • Module 3 Evaluation Survey
  • MODULE 4: Pricing & Cost Estimating
  • M4: Pricing & Cost Estimating
  • M4 Lesson 1: General Estimating Practices
  • M4 Lesson 2: Developing the Coefficient
  • M4 Lesson 3A: Federal JOC Pricing
  • M4 Lesson 3B: JOC Line Item Estimating Demo
  • Negotiation & Communication
  • M4 lesson 4: Pricing & Cost Estimating Review
  • Module 4 Quiz
  • Module 4 Evaluation Survey
  • M5: Operations, Management & the Operations Manual
  • M5 Lesson 1: JOC Operations - Federal
  • M5 Lesson 2: Operations - Owner's Perspective
  • M5 Lesson 3A: Operations - Contractor's Perspective
  • M5 Lesson 3B: Operations - Contractor's Perspective, Part 2
  • M5: Operations, Management & the Operations Manual Review
  • Module 5 Quiz
  • Module 5 Evaluation Survey
  • MODULE 6: Case Studies
  • M6: Case Studies
  • M6 Lesson 1: City of Phoenix, AZ JOC Program
  • M6 Lesson 2: JOC in Federal Programs
  • M6 Lesson 3: JOC Operations - Washington DES
  • M6 Lesson 4: Specialty/Trade Contractor JOC Variations
  • M6 Lesson 5: K-12 Schools Program Case Study
  • M6: Case Studies Review
  • Module 6 Quiz
  • Module 6 Evaluation Survey
  • CJP Online Program Survey
  • Survey Instructions
  • CJP Online Program Survey - Mandatory
  • JOC Training: Completion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed