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Building Trust and Respect (2 PDUs) (VD052)

As a leader and manager, trust is one of the most important things you must build with your employees. Research continues to show time and time again, that employees who have a high level of trust with their manager are more productive, more engaged, and stay longer with the organization. Trust matters. Therefore, what you do as a leader to build trust within your team is essential. The Building Trust and Respect courseware will provide the tools and actions you need to strengthen the trust between each of your employees. When you make a commitment to strengthen the trust with each person, you’ll find your team will be much more successful, enjoy work more, and want to stay with the organization.

This bundle comprises 5 courses to help you achieve the following goals:

-Understand how your actions support the company values
-Evaluate how fair you are with others
-Build trust by learning what will create a great work situation for each employee
-Increase trust and respect by supporting and encouraging innovation
-Build respect by creating a network of resources for employees

10 mins each| SCORM |

Vado Learning Track
Learning Tracks provide recommended course bundles to take together for an in-depth development experience. This course bundle is part of the following Vado Learning Track: Management Communication Skills
• Communication Skills for Managers
• Building Trust and Respect
• Delegating Work
  • Supporting Company Values
  • Fairness with Others
  • Building Trust with Employees
  • Trusting Others to Innovate
  • Respect through Resources
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever